The Foster Parent Experience

"We have been doing treatment foster care for over 11 years. THRIVE excels at focusing on the team concept to ensure a positive experience in working with troubled youth in our home. Their workers and management staff are dedicated to the cause. THRIVE is most definitely a step above the rest!"

Jim and Tracy Kendall
THRIVE Treatment Foster Parents  

"I enjoy foster parenting because it gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on someone's life. Along with THRIVE's friendly, courteous and continuous professional service, I am able to accomplish these goals. THRIVE provides the support and availability I need to be a successful foster parent."  

Berdie Cowser
THRIVE Treatment Foster Parent  

"As a foster mother, I am allowed the luxury of helping children in need and assist them in becoming productive people. Due to my love of children, it is easy for me to extend my heart and home. THRIVE works as a team and gives me the assistance and knowledge I need to achieve these goals."  

Mary Patterson
THRIVE Treatment Foster Parent

"I had the privilege of working with THRIVE Treatment Services for the past ten years. My experiences in those ten years have been amazingly rewarding and challenging. Treatment Foster Care certainly has its stressors, but the staff from THRIVE have always encouraged me, been very supportive of the teens living with me, and have been willing to go to battle for the interests of my teens. I can't imagine doing what we do without caring and knowledgeable people behind us. Thanks THRIVE!"

Sandy Seiler
Social Worker & THRIVE Treatment Foster Parent

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was to become a treatment foster parent with THRIVE Treatment Services. Its knowledgeable staff and personable treatment has made being a foster parent a much easier job. THRIVE gives it's foster parents much needed support and training, and models the mantra I try to live; “Whatever it takes, our kids are worth it! Thanks to THRIVE, my kids are much happier and more productive individuals, and for that I am forever grateful!"

C. Booker
THRIVE Treatment Foster Parent

"I have been with THRIVE for over 8 years. My experience with THRIVE has been a very positive one. THRIVE has excellent organizational, management, and interpersonal relationship skills and all are instrumental to the success of each Treatment Foster care home. Relationships that they build with the foster parents and the children have therapeutic value and there are many success stories."

Eric A. Folds
Foster parent, Pastor, Chairman & President of Brighter Destinies