What Agencies Say About THRIVE

"I can't say enough about your THRIVE Treatment program. I am very impressed with your Treatment Foster Care Specialist and how she is over seeing the Treatment Foster home. Her written work is very thorough and addresses bottom line issues with the child placed at the home. Your worker gets back to me immediately. Monthly reports are precise and address all areas of the placement child's needs and issues. I am thoroughly satisfied with the Treatment Foster Parent. She is bright, honest and right on target with our shared placement child. I feel confident that she is doing a good job caring for this foster child. I believe that she has a solid relationship with our shared placement child and that he looks up to her as his mother figure. Thank you for your services. I am very inclined to utilize your services in the near future if needs be."

Jana Harrington
Social Worker III
Child Protection Unit
Juvenile Probation and Supervision Services
Sheboygan County Health and Human Services

"THRIVE Treatment Services always goes above and beyond to assist us in finding stable and caring homes for our youth in need. The workers go out of their way to accommodate our children and are always willing to assist us with taking a child during a difficult time in their life. The dedication of the THRIVE team has assisted us numerous times in taking placement of a child when no other placement resource could be located. I have had positive experiences with numerous treatment foster care homes through THRIVE. The treatment foster parents are very dedicated to our youth's needs and work very hard to make these stable placements.

I have had many positive experiences collaborating with THRIVE including the TFC parents, TFC workers, and the Program Coordinator. It is always a pleasure working with the THRIVE Team that is dedicated to having positive outcomes for our children!"

Wraparound Milwaukee Supervisor

"THRIVE has gone above and beyond in helping me find safe and reliable foster families for the youth I work with. I know that much of the success had by the children we've worked with is a direct result of the collaboration by professionals at THRIVE with our teams. Thank you!"

Danyelle Sun, MSW
Wraparound Care Coordinator La Causa, Inc.

"Working with THRIVE for the past three years has been an exceptional experience. In the area of treatment foster care THRIVE continues to be outstanding in the area of competency, reliability, and most importantly in the caring and respect they provide for their treatment foster care providers and the children they serve. It has been a pleasure working with THRIVE."

Kathleen Salmon
Department of Children and Families Ongoing Case Manager

"As a social worker that works with various treatment agencies in Milwaukee County, I'm always happy to share a case with THRIVE as I know that there will be a team effort working for the best interest of the child. The social workers are professional, knowledgeable and responsive. They are willing to go the extra mile for the children and families they work with to ensure that everyone's needs are met!"

Children's Service Society of Wisconsin
Adoption Social Worker

"THRIVE professionals are caring and dedicated to the families they serve. They are knowledgable, creative, and helpful in meeting the very challenging needs of youth who need stable homes. THRIVE provides support and professional guidance to their foster provders and the community."

Shanna S.
Child and Family Therapist